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5 amazing photographic techniques

Photography is one of the most popular and enjoyable passions shared by millions of people around the world. From capturing natural beauty or wildlife, or taking candid portraits of smiling humans walking on the streets of your city, photography is an ever expanding field which always has something new to spark the interest of photographers. There are always new subjects, and new techniques for photographers to capture and edit to make their pictures more interesting and amazingly beautiful. Learning a new photographic technique can open new opportunities, and inspire you to create better pictures than ever before. We have complied a list of five handy photographic techniques and tricks that you weren’t even aware your camera was capable of.

Motion Blur

The art of capturing a fast moving object is known as motion blur. This technique is most commonly used to cover sporting events but can also be used in other circumstances to create interesting images with fast moving objects such as a fans or cars. To effectively capture a motion blur photograph, all you need is slow down your shutter speed considerably and pan the camera moving it with the subject before releasing the shutter. This will keep the subject in focus while effectively blurring out the background. It is a very simple technique to master and once you the hang of it you will be able to create mind-blowing images of moving objects.

Smoke Art Photography

Smoke art photography is a considerable difficult and tricky photographic technique but once you get hold of it, it is very rewarding and worth all the effort. All you need an incense which will provide you the smoke, and a black background which will help you blend the smoke into the image easily. The next time is to make shapes using the incense stick and start clicking. The process of trial and error will soon help you create artistic masterpieces by just using smoke as your primary subject.

Forced Perspective Photography 

veniceThis is by far the most fun and intriguing photographic technique which help bring out the creative genius inside you. By playing around with angles and subject placement, you can befuddle people who look at your photographs, forcing them to take a second closer look for figure it out. An important thing to keep in mind while composing a forced perspective photograph is that your subject should either seem smaller or bigger than everything else in the picture for a dramatic effect.

Painting with light

Painting with light is an ingenious photographic technique that will help you channel the inner artist and help you create amazing masterpieces by simply using light. The prerequisites for this photographic technique are a dark location, slow shutter speed on your camera, and a source of light which could either be a torch or a sparkler.

Reflection photography 

mandarinPictures that are taken using reflections or include a mirror reflection of the subject have an extra depth to them which makes them so intriguingly mysterious and artistic. The most common location to capture reflective pictures would be near a body of water like a lake, or a pond but you can use other shiny surfaces to captures reflections as well. Using a small aperture such as f/11 to help your camera even out the subjects included in your shot, which will enhance the reflection, making your picture flawlessly amazing. Try out this photographic technique using different angles and aperture for better and more unique results.