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Aerial Photography Since World War 2

October 3, 2017 by Posted in: Advertising

airreconww2Aerial photography today becomes one of the most popular forms of photography because of its bold possibilities and causes sudden excitement, as well as the ability to create significant effects in photographs. However, most people did not know that air photography exists for a long time. It began in World War 2, where photographers were going to ride on military aircraft, hoping to capture this one big shot from an airplane descending downward, or an enemy fighter aiming a gun at the camera. Today it seems that aerial photography has changed a lot.

Aerial photography will always be the form of photography that most people are eager to do one day in their careers, as photographers capable of creating photographs can be great if done correctly. Many settings around the world look great from the air, and many photographers are beginning to use these opportunities.

In fact, aerial photography is a stream of landscape photography, and you can understand why. From the air, the most impressive photos are made from huge landscapes, perhaps from mountains and deserts. One of the most popular places in the world for aerial photography is now on the steep slopes of the Himalayas. Parasailing has become a great hobby in this part of the world, and with it, people take spectacular photos of amazing landscapes, mainly from the huge Himalayan mountains in Nepal and Tibet.

Some fields in which aerial photography is important

Of course, aerial photography is not just a hobby for many people and organizations. The military use aerial photography for a more important reason.
These days many countries use spy planes to photograph enemy units on the ground. This is an important part of the military and in many cases had in mind the difference when it is time to send troops into battle. aerial-2Television stations use aerial photography as a means of detecting which weather is similar in certain areas, and even predict what the weather will look like in a few days. Aerial photography is also used by companies engaged in real estate development, to photograph from the air certain areas of development. This is very important because it allows them to display and plan how they will develop in a certain area.

beach-1The same goes for construction companies who need to make sure that the location in which they are built will be safe and have the correct width and diameter. Although there is an element of premonition related to aerial photography, since it is mostly performed without big fanfare, it is considered quite legal,
since photography is not necessarily related to the violation or seizure of the photographed part of the property – land or sea. However, some strategic
locations in any country are inaccessible to the air chamber for the safety and security of the nation.

The travel industry loves aerial photographs because it can show its extensive golf courses, resort beaches, RV parks and campgrounds from above. Governments of cities and states can use it for planning and development purposes. Trained environmentalists use aerial photography to study the Earth’s climate and earth conditions.

Sports events can use aerial photography when they want to show the grandeur of a new stadium or show the crowd density in the stands.