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Why I Decided To Become A Photographer

January 9, 2018 by Posted in: Advertising

I have been looking forward to learning photography for quite some time. That has been a blessing, but it has also been a curse. I have gotten sidetracked with the technical side of photography rather than the creative side.That’s why I came to these couple of questions. Is photography art? And does simply owning a nice camera, like a digital SLR, make an individual a photographer?The reason I have such the problem is that of the work of others.


eagle-owl-3068483_1920My desire is to capture images that can stand up to the likes of Jeff Wignall or Scott Kelby, two of my favorite photographers and teachers. Those guys make my pictures look the second rate.I’m pretty critical of my work in photography. But sometimes, I tend to be even more critical of those who imagine themselves photographers who know zero about the technical part of picture taking. How can someone call himself a photographer when he has no idea about the difference between an aperture from an exposure setting?

But now, after some soul searching, I see that I am somewhat cynical. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right? Sadly, I invest too much time in the technical data and sharpness of the image than on the artistic or emotional value.An image becomes art when it can inspire or draw out the emotion of a viewer.



A person’s ability to manipulate the camera settings, while important, is not art. Additionally, if the camera menu is never touched, what is wrong with that? A more important issue is the impact those pictures are making on the intended audience.Something else to keep in mind is that not everyone is trying to have their photos published by Better Homes and Gardens. They take pictures to save memory, and in that sense, they are photographers and artists.

So, as I end my muse about photography and art, let me urge you to continue to shoot those pictures. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination lead you to your next shot. Maybe it will bring a smile to a friend’s face, or it may end up in National Geographic in spite of Pixel Peepers.


Becoming Successful Photographer – How?

Today, wedding photography has become more and more popular in the society which is not just taken by people who had love to it as before. Wedding brides and brooms now want to have an unforgettable memory about their wedding day, that’s why they hire professionals to take pictures for them.Becoming a professional wedding photographer is quite different from a fashion photographer as you have to make the bride look like a princess; dignified, alluring and out of this world. You do not have to give her a sexy and bold look; required during a modeling shoot.

You need professional guidance; professional schools have been set up to teach people how to become photographers, and there you can do a basic course or even choose your final preferences as a model or bridal, fashion photographer; the fields are endless. If you are naturally talented and at the same time cannot afford to go for professional training, then the only thing left for you to do is becoming an assistant to a professional wedding photographer. This way you will get firsthand experience while working on a live shoot at a wedding.

Get yourself a professional digital camera along with the other equipment needed to work on a shoot. Various cameras give different results. Thus you need a very good one to get you the best result. To be a professional, you will to do a lot of research and invest in something professional and expensive too.Have handy a lot of your work in color and black and white. Never think black, and white pictures are outdated, they are very classy and exclusive look. The backgrounds chosen for these sample pictures should be elegant and stylish. Colored pictures in different styles and looks should be available too.


Give the bride a dreamy look, but at the same time ask her opinion and keep handy samples available catering to different looks for the portraits of the bride and the groom. This will assure the couple that you know what you are doing, have a lot of experience and will work according to their taste. But do not agree to everything they say as they are amateur and may want something that will not look good on them, and eventually, they will blame you for not advising them (as you are a professional and should have known better). Be firm about your opinions if you feel that it will eventually work for the couples benefit, but try to merge their opinions too, as much as you can.

Have an office, even if it is a small one and invest in huge portraits hung all over the place, giving the clients an overview of some of your most amazing work. Have their decision will be made there and then.Have a polite and understanding nature. Never sneer at a client’s opinion and don’t ever be arrogant in front of them, but at the same time be confident in your advice and suggestions. Show them how flexible nature you have; be friendly and make sure the bride is at ease, as eventually, it is her opinion of you that will count in the end. Use of flattery will never fail you too. Be easy going and accommodating and you will find out that soon you have a big client and are becoming famous as a wedding photographer. Good luck!