Aerial Photography

All about aeriel photography.

Techniques of Aerial Photography

Did you know that aerial photography is one of the best commercial skills an individual can have?  There is only one thing that an aerial photographer is working for; that is to convey a great experience up in the air. When an aerial photographer is sitting in a helicopter or in an upfront light plane, they are looking for the panoramic view of the open sky and look forward or on the sideways at the 180 degree of the stretched horizon. They are looking down and see those interesting features on the ground around them.

The techniques used by aerial photographers in order to capture excellent images changed through out the years and currently it includes taking photos under the midday condition wherein the sun is looking high and flat. They take the time to fly to the first last hours of the day because the sun produces a shadow which allows the viewers to understand the shapes and structures in the photo.

As the aircraft circles the main subject, aerial photographers are capturing an exposure in every second. From every 10 to 50 images that have been captured, they will select the best one wherein they will display or present it. It is the best time to make use of digital camera that has the largest memory card you can afford to have.

When it comes to the motion blur and vibration, most of the sharpest pictures are taken with the use of camera tripod together with a cable and a self-timer in order to make sure that the touch of the finger of the photographer will not jostle the camera.

Making use of appropriate lenses also makes a beautiful aerial photograph. When you got all day to take the best photo, then, you need to get the best quality of it with the use of a bag of prime lenses and a moving tripod for you to try out different perspectives. Today, there are a lot of best quality lenses that you can choose from in order for you to capture the best image that you want to have.

Since you are taking an aerial view of an image, it is very important for you to look straight down because as the angle become steeper, the photo gets more progressively less in convention. Most helicopters are banked up easily to about 60 degrees. Stalling the wing does not give you any risk so there is no problem with that. You can ask for the pilot to make step turn and then lean slightly over the point of the camera.

These are just some of the helpful techniques that you can use in order to come up with an excellent image. In that way, you will surely get the aerial view of the place you want to capture and exhibit your masterpiece. It is just very easy to do as long as you have the right knowledge and the proper equipment as well as the experience to do that. You will surely get great image with the use of these techniques.