Aerial Photography

All about aeriel photography.

The Dizzy Heights Of Aerial Photography

Have you ever heard of aerial photography? At the point when the pictures of ground are taken from a high height, then it is regularly called as aerial photography. There are such a large number of mediums that are included in this process like planes, dirigibles, balloons, helicopters, kites, parachutes, poles and much more. This idea of aerial photography was started in mid 19th century, and it was used by the army and also for security purposes.

parachute-235553_640Aerial photos, as the name suggests, are taken from the sky. It could be taken from the rooftop of a high-rise building, an observation tower, an aeroplane or a hot air balloon.

Aerial photographs are used for many purposes and can either be purchased outright from various online companies or if need be can be specially ordered. These photos are being used for the day-to-day functioning of various departments. The land record office uses aerial photos to document and records the large pieces of land along with their adjoining areas. These are also being used as a helpful tool for the police department in the field of forensic sciences and for solving cases.

These may be used to depict the area surrounding the crime scene to give a complete picture of the scene. Professionals involved in criminal justice find its use while testifying in the court. Live aerial photos are being used extensively by the police when they are chasing a suspect by foot over a large area.
parachutistReal estate agents too can use it to their advantage. Aerial photos can help their clients better understand the location of their plots that they are planning to buy. As they say, pictures speak a thousand words, and an aerial depiction of the topography can entice the prospective customer.

Who would not want to buy a piece of land that is surrounded by the water bodies, forests or other such landmarks! Aerial photos are also of great advantage to the transport department in deciding the prospective location of the new highways, roads and bridges.

The aerial photos taken for industrial applications are not appealing, but it is possible to convert other aerial photos into a piece of art. Surprised? Well, an aerial photo, which has been enlarged to poster size and framed, can be utilised to adorn the walls of one’s house or can even be used as a gift for friends and relatives.

People bring back similar photographs as a souvenir of their foreign vacation. A well-developed photo of an attractive land or a water body can be soothing to the eyes.

Not sure how to take these photographs? There are various techniques for shooting aerial photos. Depending on your subject, you can shoot an aerial photo of an entire neighborhood or focus on a single house from the locality. Do you need some help with choosing the subject? One possible solution is to browse the sites that host similar photos on the Internet.

Also available are the pictures of the Earth that have been taken from the spacecraft. Depending on the subject of the photograph and its resolution, these can be breathtaking at times.

Who knows you can subsequently come up with a brilliant idea of your own!