Aerial Photography

All about aeriel photography.

Usage of aerial in photography and videography

The art of photography has evolved a lot from the time of its inception. The early day’s pictures that were in black and white and often these pictured blurred. However, modernization of technology and innovations has brought modern day photography and videography to a level unimagined. The outburst of the digital technology provides unbelievable clarity and details in modern photographs.

aerial-ne-york-cityThe innovation in technology has inspired more and more photographers to experiment with their techniques and usage of these techniques in film and video production. The boundaries of photography are being pushed and experimented with, every day and independent maker and production companies are continuously experimenting to create awesomeness with each production.

To remember: what is aerial photography?

As told earlier that the world of photography has seen a lot of changes. The aerial technique is a style that is vividly used by cinematographers or director of photography in films, documentaries, scripted, unscripted, fictions, feature and short stories. For aerial photography, pictures are taken off the ground, usually from high altitudes and therefore the name is coined as aerial techniques.

The history of this category of photography dates back to mid-nineteenth century when a French balloonist Gaspard Felix Tournachon had taken photos from heights and thus, the world saw the first prints of the aerial technique used for photography. In time, all kinds of motion picture cameras were mounted on an airliner, particularly for the army and security purposes.

To remember: what is arial videography?

The aerial video has been fast turning into an alternative option to this type of photography as Metadata can be put in in the video using the Global Positioning System or GPS. The use of this method in creating videos has ensured the growth and popularity of this technique in more stylish usage. Though the procedure of creating aerial videos can be a complex one, the effect it creates is worth taking.

Different platforms used for aerial photography or videography

As this type of video or photographs needs to be captured from particular heights, photographers or director of photography uses the following platforms for their work –


It is amazing to see the many ways one can make use of aerial filming, as well aerial cinematography. Aerial photos are relevant for

-Topographic maps
-Commercial AD films
-Environmental Studies

Moreover,when it comes to demonstrating the beauty of the desired property, nothing can be greater than clicking the lovely images of that property you wish to sell. In this connection, ordinary images of the property do not work a lot. Apart from taking the front and side view, it is also required to take photography from a height to capture all sides in one go. It can be done with Aerial photography.

As this type of photography has a huge visual impact, a lot of film Production Companies are investing in this technology, through the whole technique is costly and in many cases a risky one. There is expert cinematographer or directors of photography who specialize in this type of photography and can create absolute magic by using it in commercial Ads or films. Their work can be seen in many awards winning films that have awed the world with the utilization of this technique.